What’s a gyroscope do? You can see that from the application of the balance car

Gyroscope is a widely used device, in many fields are widely used, today let me introduce gyroscope in the balance of the application of the car to explain the working principle of the gyroscope.


The gyroscope is an angular motion detection device which uses the moment of momentum of a high-speed rotating body to sense the shell relative to the inertial space around one or two axes orthogonal to the rotation axis. Angular motion detection devices based on other principles perform the same function, also called gyroscopes.

  • The history of gyroscopesgyroscope sensor

Gyro instrument was first used in navigation, but with the development of science and technology, it has been widely used in aviation and aerospace industry. Gyro instrument can not only be used as an indicator instrument, but more importantly, it can be used as a sensitive element in the automatic control system, which can be used as a signal sensor. According to the need, gyro instruments can provide accurate azimuth, level, position, speed and acceleration signals, so that the pilot or with automatic navigator to control aircraft, ships or space shuttle and other vehicles according to a certain course of flight, and in the guidance of missiles, satellite carriers or space exploration rockets and other vehicles, then the attitude control and orbit control of the vehicle are completed directly by using these signals. As a stabilizer, gyro instrument can make the train running on the monorail, can reduce the ship in the wind and waves swing, can make the camera installed on the plane or satellite relative ground stability, and so on. As a precision test instrument, gyro instruments can provide accurate azimuth datum for surface facilities, mine tunnels, underground railways, oil drilling and missile silos. It can be seen that the scope of application of gyro instruments is quite extensive, and it plays an important role in the construction of modern national defense and national economy.

  • The application of gyroscope in balancing vehicle

gyro in balance car

The reason why the balance car can be so hot, the role of the gyroscope is self-evident, we ride in the car, all by its perception, and then through the complex calculation and control procedures to do all kinds of balance, now the gyroscope inside the electric unicycle is also an electronic component, rather than a hardware device.

The principle and application of gyroscope in the electric unicycle. How does gyroscope make the electric unicycle stable

  • The principle of gyroscope in electric unicycle


Powered unicycle built-in gyroscope sensor, the use of the sensor, vehicle driving circuit of CPU can calculate the speed of 200 times per second before and after the balance of the body, if the body center of gravity lean forward, front value is greater than the rear, the CPU will issue instructions to the driving circuit of the sensor, adjust the motor rotation direction and speed, let the motor to the rear. The vehicle is forward, otherwise, the vehicle is backward, the more severe the body leans forward, the faster the speed will be; And leaning left and right is turning. The principle and application of gyroscope in the electric unicycle. How does gyroscope make the electric unicycle stable.

Balance car is driven by motor, using gyroscope and drive circuit control to maintain. To start, lean forward. The speed is controlled by the degree of incline. To accelerate, you lean forward, and to slow down, you lean backward.

  • How do gyroscopes make electric unicycles dynamic and stable?

If you stand up and lean forward and lose your balance, you probably won’t fall flat on your face.Your brain knows you’re out of balance because the fluid in your inner ear has shifted position.As a result, it pushes your legs forward and prevents you from falling.If your body keeps leaning forward, your brain will continue to push your legs forward, keeping you in an upright position.The result is that instead of falling over, you move forward, one step at a time.

It works in much the same way, except that it has wheels instead of legs, a motor instead of muscles, a set of microprocessors instead of a brain, and a complex set of tilt sensors and gyro sensors instead of an inner-ear balancing system. Like your brain, Segwaypt knows when you’re leaning forward. To keep your balance, it turns the wheel at just the right speed so that you’re moving forward.

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