What Is The Structure Of The Gyro Theodolite?

The gyro theodolite is composed of gyroscope, theodolite and tripod.

(1) Gyroscope

The gyroscope is the core of the system, which is mainly composed of the gyro sensitive part, electromagnetic shielding mechanism, hanging wire and guide wire, azimuth rotation servo drive device, damping device, inertial sensitive part locking device, support and leveling device, photoelectric angle measuring sensor , Power supply, control and display parts.

There is a gyro motor rotating at a constant speed in the gyro sensitive part. The gyro motor is suspended from the gyro frame by the suspension wire and powered by the guide wire.

The locking device of the gyro sensitive part is to ensure the safety of the gyro sensitive part in the transportation state, and fix the inertial sensitive part and the frame.

The damping device is to attenuate the swing amplitude of the gyro sensitive part after it is released, so that its oscillating state meets the north-seeking requirements, and finally achieves the overcome of the northward precession torque, so that the gyro sensitive part is relatively stable in a fixed orientation in inertial space. Damping includes friction damping, liquid damping and electromagnetic damping.

The azimuth rotation servo drive system can realize the azimuth gyro rotation and provide gyroscopic torque and stable transmission.

The support and leveling device can realize the mechanical and optical docking between the theodolite and the gyroscope, the leveling of the entire set of instruments, and the installation and connection of each component assembly.

The photoelectric angle measuring sensor includes a photoelectric angle sensor that detects the swing angle of the inertial sensitive part, and a grating code disk system that detects the azimuth rotation angle of the gyroscope.

Electromagnetic shielding is mainly used to shield the internal and external magnetic fields from gyro north seeking.

The control and display part collects signals through sensors and processes them to complete the functions of locking and releasing the sensitive part of the gyroscope, damping control, azimuth following, communication, calculation, sending and displaying the true north position angle.

(2) Theodolite

Theodolite is the azimuth leading device of the system. It can also measure the geographic azimuth or coordinate azimuth of the target by aiming at the measured target. The theodolite has a self-collimating function, which is convenient for measurement and calibration operations. Usually, the theodolite has serial communication interface, which can realize serial data communication with gyroscope and command system.

(3) Tripod

The tripod provides support for the gyroscope and theodolite.

High Stability Gyro Theodolite

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