What is the Latitude Error or the Damping Error?

Cause: caused by vertical damping method.

Elimination method:

(1) External compensation method — calculate the magnitude and symbol of latitude error according to the latitude error formula, and deduct it from the reading of gyro compass;

(2) Internal compensation method — calculate and output the signal that transforms according to the law of latitude error, and apply the compensating moment to the gyro compass.

Velocity error

Causes: the movement of the base changes the implicated movement of the main axis of the gyro compass, resulting in pointing error.

Elimination method:

(1) Speed error correction table;

(2) external compensation method — using mechanical simulation method to calculate the error value according to the expression of the velocity error and deduct it from the heading reading;

(3) Internal compensation method — calculate and output regular speed error compensation torque to implement compensation for gyro compass.

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