What Is the Importance Of An Inertial Navigation System?

Inertial navigation system technology is one of the key technologies for navigating a carrier. Inertial technology is a technology that uses the principle of inertia or other related principles to autonomously measure and control the movement process of a carrier. It is inertial navigation, inertial guidance, inertial measurement and inertial sensor technology. Generic term. Modern inertial technology, with the support of governments of all countries, has penetrated from the initial military applications into the civilian field. Inertial technology occupies a very important position in national defense equipment technology. For inertially guided medium and long-range missiles, the accuracy of the hit is generally 70% dependent on the accuracy of the guidance system. For a missile nuclear submarine, its position and speed change due to the long submarine time. These data are the initial parameters of the launched missile and directly affect the missile’s hit accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to provide high-precision position, speed, and vertical alignment signals. The only navigation equipment currently available for submarines is the inertial navigation system. Inertial navigation completely relies on the carrier’s own equipment to independently and independently navigate, without relying on external information. It has the advantages of good concealment, work without being affected by weather conditions and human interference, and high accuracy. For long-range cruise missiles, the inertial guidance system plus map matching technology or other guidance technology can ensure that it can still hit the target with high accuracy after flying thousands of kilometers. Inertial technology has been gradually extended to the fields of aerospace, aviation, navigation, petroleum development, geodesy, marine survey, geological drilling control, robotics and railways. With the emergence of new inertial sensitive devices, inertial technology has been used in the automotive industry, medical electronics They are all used in the equipment. Therefore, inertial technology not only occupies a very important position in the modernization of national defense, but also shows its huge role in various fields of the national economy.

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