What Is The Error Of The Gyrocompass?

Latitude error or damping error

Cause: Caused by the vertical damping method.

Elimination method:

(1) External compensation method-calculate the size and sign of the latitude error according to the latitude error formula, and deduct it from the reading of the gyro compass;

(2) Internal compensation method-Calculate and output the signal transformed according to the latitude error law, and apply compensation torque to the gyro compass.

Speed error

Causes: The movement of the base changes the gyrocompass main shaft’s involvement movement and produces pointing errors.

Elimination method:

(1) Speed error correction table;

(2) External compensation method-use mechanical simulation method to calculate the error value according to the expression of speed error and deduct it from the heading reading;

(3) Internal compensation method—Calculate and output a regular speed error compensation torque to compensate the gyro compass.

Other errors

1) Impact error

When the ship is maneuvering, under the action of inertial force, the gyrocompass main axis will change from the stable position at the beginning of the maneuver to the stable position at the end of the maneuver during the maneuver duration.

2) Baseline error

When the compass is installed or in use, the error occurs when the baseline of the compass is not coincident with or parallel to the bow and stern.

3) Swing error

The error caused by the gyro compass when the ship is swaying.

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What Is The Error Of The Gyrocompass?