What is the Compass?

An electronic compass, also called a digital compass, is a method of using the earth’s magnetic field to determine the North Pole. Known in the ancient days as the compass, modern magnetoresistive sensors produced using advanced processing techniques have provided powerful help for the compass’s digital speech. Nowadays, electronic compasses made of magnetoresistive sensors and fluxgates are generally used. Although GPS has a wide range of applications in navigation, positioning, speed measurement, and orientation, its accuracy has been greatly reduced because of the fact that its signals are often obscured by terrain and features, and even cannot be used. Especially in high-rise buildings and densely forested areas, the GPS signal is only 60% effective. And in the static situation, GPS can not give the heading information. To compensate for this deficiency, a method of integrated navigation orientation can be used. Electronic compass products are designed to meet the needs of users. It can effectively compensate the GPS signal, ensure that the navigation and orientation information is 100% effective, even after the GPS signal loses lock, it can work normally, so that “lose the star is not lost.”

The digital compass is an important navigation tool. Most current navigation systems use some type of electronic compass to indicate the direction. The electronic compass relies on the Earth’s magnetic field and its angular accuracy can be higher than 0.1 degrees. High-end magnetic field sensors and magnetometers provide a complete solution for electronic compasses. The electronic compass has the advantages of many aspects of the traditional pin type and balance frame structure compass.

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