What is the accelerometer?

Accelerometer is an instrument that measures acceleration. Acceleration measurement is an important issue raised by engineering technology. When an object has a large acceleration, the object and the instruments it carries and other objects that do not have relative acceleration are subjected to a force that can produce the same large acceleration, that is, subjected to a dynamic load. Acceleration is measured for dynamic loads. Secondly, to know the spatial position of instantaneous aircrafts, rockets, and warships, the acceleration can be measured continuously through inertial navigation (see gyro platform inertial navigation system), and then the velocity component is obtained after integral operation, and the integral is obtained again in one direction. The coordinate signals, and the instrument measurement results in the three coordinate directions, synthesize the motion curve and give the spatial position where each instantaneous vehicle is located. Another example is that in some control systems, acceleration signals are often required as part of the information needed to generate control effects. There is also the problem of continuously measuring acceleration. A device that can continuously give an acceleration signal is called an acceleration sensor.

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