What Is MEMS Gyroscope Calibration?

Each gyroscope undergoes rigorous performance testing and calibration of sensitivity and zero-rate output values before leaving the factory. However, when the gyroscope is assembled on the printed circuit board, the zero-rate output value and sensitivity may slightly deviate from the factory calibration and debugging values due to mechanical or electrical welding stress. For applications such as game consoles and remote controls, designers only need to use the typical zero rate and sensitivity parameters in the data sheet to convert the gyroscope’s measurement signal to an angular rate. For demanding applications, designers need to recalibrate the gyroscope’s zero-rate output value, sensitivity, and the following important parameters:

Misalignment (also known as cross-axis sensitivity)

Linear acceleration sensitivity or g-sensitivity

Long-term operation deviation stability

Conduction-stability of conduction deviation

Deviation and sensitivity drift after long working hours

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