What Is Integrated Navigation Technology?

With the development of science and technology, the means of navigation are increasingly rich. These means of navigation have their own advantages, but there are also shortcomings. Such as widely used satellite navigation technology, it has high precision, can be all-weather work, wide coverage, near real-time navigation data output, etc., but there is also a complex terrain conditions (e.g: city buildings, mountains, forests, indoor and underground construction) signal poor usability, vulnerable to malicious or has no intention of interference effects such as weakness. In order to meet the demanding navigation needs of some users, people put forward the concept of integrated navigation: that is, a variety of different navigation means combined together, each means of performance complementary, learning from each other, in order to obtain a higher navigation performance than the use of any navigation system alone.

Integrated navigation is usually used: satellite navigation and inertial navigation combination; Combination of satellite navigation and radio navigation; A combination of satellite navigation systems; The combination of satellite navigation, inertial navigation and geographic information system. In the future, there will certainly be new navigation means and combination ways to promote the continuous development of integrated navigation technology.

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