What Is An Integrated Navigation System?

Navigation is to guide the carrier to sail. The integrated navigation system (INS) is an integrated navigation system that combines two or more navigation devices on carriers such as airplanes and ships. Integrated navigation system is an integrated information system used to solve problems such as navigation and positioning, motion control, and equipment calibration and alignment. It has the advantages of high accuracy, high reliability, and high degree of automation. It is an inevitable trend in the development of networked navigation systems. Because each single navigation system has its own unique performance and limitations, if several different single systems are combined together, multiple information sources can be used to complement each other, forming a multi-dimensional and more accurate navigation system. Highly versatile system.

The integrated navigation system uses computers and data processing technologies to combine navigation devices with different characteristics to achieve the purpose of optimization. The entire system consists of input devices, data processing and control parts, output devices, and peripheral devices. The input device can receive a variety of measurement information in real time and continuously, and the received information is comprehensively processed by the computer, so as to obtain the optimal results to determine the heading, speed, astronomy, and geological calculation. Finally, the output device such as a display, The printer etc. displays the optimized information. The biggest advantage of the integrated navigation system is that it can achieve complementary advantages and improve the accuracy and reliability of the navigation system.

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