What Is An Inertial Navigation System?

Inertial navigation is an autonomous navigation system that uses inertial sensors to measure the specific force and angular velocity information of the carrier, and combines the given initial conditions to estimate parameters such as speed, position, and attitude in real time. Specifically, the inertial navigation system belongs to an estimated navigation method. That is, from the position of a known point, the position of the next point is calculated from the continuously measured heading angle and speed of the carrier, so the current position of the moving body can be continuously measured.

Conventional inertial navigation systems use accelerometers and gyroscope sensors to measure carrier parameters. Accelerometer inertial navigation systems are mainly composed of accelerometers. This system discards gyroscopes and uses accelerometers instead of gyroscopes as inertial measurement elements. Some scholars have studied international Solution to replace gyroscope with multiple accelerometers.

The gyroscope in the inertial navigation system is used to form a navigation coordinate system to stabilize the measurement axis of the accelerometer in the coordinate system and give the heading and attitude angle. The accelerometer is used to measure the acceleration of the moving body through the time and time. Speed, and the speed can get the distance after one time integration.

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