What Is An Electronic Compass?

Electronic compass, also known as digital compass, has been widely used as a navigation instrument or attitude sensor in modern technical conditions. Compared with the traditional pointer and balance structure compass, the electronic compass has low energy consumption, small size, light weight, high precision, and can be miniaturized. Its output signal can be digitally displayed through processing. Directly sent to the autopilot to control the ship’s maneuver. A three-axis strapdown reluctance digital magnetic compass is widely used. This compass has the advantages of anti-shake and vibration resistance, high heading accuracy, electronic compensation for interference magnetic fields, and can be integrated into the control loop for data link. Therefore, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, robotics, navigation, and autonomous navigation of vehicles.

A typical digital compass has the following characteristics:

1. The triaxial magnetoresistance effect sensor measures the planar geomagnetic field, and the biaxial tilt angle compensation.

2. High-speed and high-precision A / D conversion.

3. Built-in temperature compensation to minimize temperature drift of tilt and pointing angles.

4. The built-in microprocessor calculates the angle between the sensor and magnetic north.

5. With simple and effective user calibration instructions.

6. With zero-point correction function.

7. The shell structure is waterproof and non-magnetic. The principle of the electronic compass is to measure the earth’s magnetic field. If there is a magnetic field other than the earth in the environment used and these magnetic fields cannot be effectively shielded, then the use of the electronic compass will have a great problem. At this time, only the use of a gyro can be considered. It’s time to determine the heading.

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