What Is An Accelerometer?

There are two types of accelerometers: one is an angular accelerometer, which is improved by a gyroscope (angular velocity sensor). The other is a linear accelerometer.

The acceleration sensor uses gravity acceleration and can be used to detect the tilt angle of the device, but it will be affected by the acceleration of the movement, making the inclination measurement not accurate enough, so it is usually necessary to use a gyroscope and a magnetic sensor to compensate. At the same time, the magnetic sensor also uses the geomagnetic field to measure the azimuth. When the current in the system changes or there is a magnetically conductive material around it, and when the device is tilted, the measured azimuth is not accurate. At this time, an acceleration sensor (tilt sensor) is required. ) And gyroscope.

By measuring acceleration due to gravity, you can calculate the tilt angle of the device relative to the horizontal plane. By analyzing dynamic acceleration, you can analyze how the device moves.

The acceleration sensor can detect the AC signal and the vibration of the object. When a person walks, a certain regular vibration will be generated, and the acceleration sensor can detect the zero-crossing point of the vibration, so as to calculate the number of steps taken by a person or by running. Thus, the displacement that a person moves is calculated. And using a certain formula can calculate the calorie consumption.

Use the acceleration sensor to detect the vibration / shake amplitude of the handheld device, and lock the camera shutter when the vibration / shake amplitude is too large, so that the captured image is always clear.

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