What is a Navigational Receiver?

This type of receiver is mainly used for the navigation of moving carrier. It can give the position and speed of the carrier in real time.This kind of receiver generally adopts C/A code pseudo distance measurement, and the real-time positioning accuracy of A single point is low, generally ±25m, and ±100m under the influence of SA.Such receivers are cheap and widely used.According to the different application fields, such receivers can be further divided into: vehicle-mounted — for vehicle navigation and positioning;Nautical type — for navigation and positioning of ships;Aero – for aircraft navigation and positioning.Due to the high speed of the aircraft, the receiver used in aviation is required to be able to adapt to high speed motion.Spaceborne – used for satellite navigation and positioning.As the speed of satellites is as high as 7km/s, the requirements for receivers are higher.

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