What Is A Fiber Optic Gyro Northfinder?

The fiber-optic gyro north finder is a high-precision inertial instrument that autonomously indicates the orientation. It can give the angle between the carrier and the true north direction without entering a latitude value.

The angle of the earth’s rotation angle measured by the fiber optic gyroscope and the angle between the gyroscope and the horizontal plane measured by the accelerometer are calculated by the computer to obtain the angle between the baseline of the carrier and the true north direction. The accelerometer on the baseline measures the attitude angle of the northfinder.

The fiber optic gyro used by the fiber optic gyro north seeker is composed of optical fiber rings, semiconductor lasers, Y waveguides and other devices. They are solid-state devices and have no rotating parts, making the equipment resistant to shock and vibration. This is not possible with other non-fiber optic gyros

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