What Is A Fiber Optic Gyro Inclinometer?

Gyro drilling inclinometer is a drilling trajectory measuring instrument that is not affected by geomagnetic interference and surrounding magnetic fields. It is mainly used for drilling trajectory measurement in drilling, casing, and drill rods in magnetic mines. Of course, it can also be used in other Trajectory measurement in magnetically undisturbed bores.

Compared with the gyroscope for aircraft, the logging gyroscope has the following characteristics affected by its use environment. First, the volume requirements are strict, especially the diameter is small. It is required to adapt to the diameter of the casing well after the formation of the instrument, and it can even be input from the drill pipe when the sunroof is opened. It will not damage the gyro body; it also has a wide temperature requirement, that is, the instrument can work normally in an environment of 125 ° for at least 2 hours and the overall accuracy of the instrument meets the design requirements within the range of ambient temperature -10-125 °.

From the structure and manufacturing process, gyroscopes can be divided into mechanical gyroscopes, optical gyroscopes, and semiconductor gyroscopes. Among them, the mechanical gyro has a frame gyro, a dynamic tuning gyro, a liquid floating rate integral gyro, and an electrostatic gyro. There are two types of optical gyroscopes: laser and fiber optic gyroscope. The most common semiconductor gyroscope is a silicon micro-gyro.

Among these gyroscopes, the manufacture of electrostatic gyroscopes is extremely difficult and expensive. Only the most sophisticated weapon systems are used. The technology is only in a few countries in the world, so it will not be used in other fields in the short term. Silicon micro gyroscope has low accuracy and large temperature drift. Although it has good vibration resistance and ideal volume, some people are doing discussions on forming instruments. However, due to the limitation of its own technological development level, it is now mostly used in feedback loops such as dynamic cameras. Testing, for a considerable period of time, no ideal logging products will appear.

The logging gyroscopes currently seen cover almost all varieties of mechanical gyroscopes, including frame gyroscopes, dynamically tuned gyroscopes, liquid floating rate integral gyroscopes, and so on.

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