What Error Problem Does The Inertial Sensor Have?

Because of the manufacturing process, the data measured by the inertial sensor usually has a certain error.The first error is the offset error, which is that the gyroscope and accelerometer will have a non-zero data output even when there is no rotation or acceleration.To get the displacement data, we need to integrate the output of the accelerometer twice.After two integrations, even a small deviation error will be magnified. As time goes on, the displacement error will accumulate continuously, eventually making it impossible for us to track the position of the object.The second type of error is the proportional error, the ratio between the measured output and the change in the detected input.Similar to the deviation error, the displacement error caused by it will continue to accumulate as time progresses after two integrations.A third type of error, background white noise, can also make it impossible to track objects if left uncorrected.

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