What Are The Target Applications Of MEMS Gyroscopes?

MEMS gyroscope can measure angular velocity.Digital cameras use gyroscope to detect the rotation of the hand movement, can play a stable role in the image.In the car, the yaw gyroscope turns on the electronic stability control (ESC) braking system, preventing accidents when the car makes a sharp turn.When the car rolls over, the gyroscope can trigger the airbag.

The yaw gyroscope can measure the car’s position when the car navigation system cannot receive GPS satellite signals, so that the car always follows the planned route on the electronic map. This function is called the navigation position prediction system.

Yaw gyroscopes can also be used for indoor robot control.

The multi-channel inertial measurement unit (IMU) is mounted on the robot’s limbs to track and monitor body movements.

The IMU can be used as an air mouse.

The IMU can also be used as a motion-controlled gaming platform.

The IMU works with a magnetometer and GPS receiver to perform personal navigation functions on a handheld device.

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