What Are The Combined Inertial Navigation Systems?

1. Satellite inertial navigation combination:

Deviation correction of the inertial system is performed by satellite positioning system information timing. When the satellite signal is not acceptable, the inertial orientation navigation system can also ensure the accuracy of the information in a certain period of time. It has the characteristics of high precision and communication, but it needs to obtain information from the outside world.

2. Combination of astronomy and inertial navigation system:

For the combination of astronomical and inertial navigation systems, the following three methods are for your reference: one is to use the combination method of inertial navigation and astronomical navigation system position information to correct the actual results of the engineering application; the second is to observe according to the astronomical navigation system. The height and orientation of the celestial body are calculated according to the astronomical principle as the observation Kalman filter combination. The third is to determine the error of the tracking coordinate system in the inertial coordinates to track the geographic coordinate system as the observation Kalman filter combination, and finally adopt the astronomical navigation. The position information corrects the gyro constant drift.

3. GPS/INS integrated navigation system:

It can well realize the calibration of inertial sensors, the aerial alignment of the inertial navigation system and the high stability, so as to improve the performance, accuracy and ability of tracking satellites. GPS integrity detection can also be implemented to improve reliability and achieve integration.

4. Inertial/Doppler combination:

The combination of inertial navigation system and Doppler navigation solves the factors that Doppler is affected by the terrain, and solves the error of inertial navigation itself, which reflects the good complementary effect of the two.

5. Inertial/geomagnetic integrated navigation system:

It has the advantages of strong autonomy, good concealment, low cost and wide range of availability. It is a hot spot in the research field of inertial navigation systems.

6. Inertial/terrain matching integrated navigation system:

Because the positioning accuracy of terrain matching is very high, this precision information can be used to eliminate the error accumulation of long-time work and improve the positioning accuracy of inertial navigation.

7, GPS / track estimation combined navigation system:

The track estimation is based on the airspeed measured in the case of GPS failure, and the ground speed and the track angle are derived. When the signal is interrupted or poor, the position is determined by the track; when the signal quality is good, the position is determined by GPS positioning. This effectively reduces the cost of the system.

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