What Are The Characteristics Of Gyro Inclinometer

Gyroscopic inclinometer is using the inertial navigation technology for drilling measurement, it takes advantage of the inertial navigation device features of autonomy, navigation, high accuracy and good reliability, the use of fiber optic gyroscope and accelerometer sensors for strapdown north system, through measure the earth since the Angle rate gyro components, through accelerometer measurements of the acceleration of gravity of the earth, again through the related formulas to calculate the zenithal Angle, azimuth Angle and tool Angle.Gyro inclinometer has the following characteristics:

With small drift, high precision and no correlation between the data of each measuring point, the accumulated error of gyroscope inclinometer is eliminated, and the accuracy of borehole trajectory measurement results is effectively improved.

The working process of automatic north finding, without the initial orientation of the ground, before and after the measurement of no need to adjust the north, eliminate human error.

Not affected by geology and surrounding environment, anti-magnetic interference, can be used in drill pipe, magnetic casing and magnetic mining area.

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