What are the characteristics of fiber optic gyro?

Compared with electromechanical gyro or laser gyro,fiber optic gyro has the following characteristics:

(1) Fewer parts and components, the instrument is firm and stable, and has strong ability to resist impact and accelerated movement;

(2) The winding fiber is longer, which improves the detection sensitivity and resolution by several orders of magnitude compared with a laser gyroscope;

(3) There are no mechanical transmission parts, and there is no wear problem, so it has a long service life;

(4) It is easy to adopt integrated optical path technology, the signal is stable, and it can directly use digital output and connect with computer interface;

(5) By changing the length of the optical fiber or the number of times the light is circulated in the coil, different accuracy can be achieved, and it has a wider dynamic range;

(6) The propagation time of the coherent beam is short, so it can be started instantly in principle without preheating;

(7) Can be used with ring laser gyro to form sensors for various inertial navigation systems, especially sensors for strapdown inertial navigation systems;

(8) Simple structure, low price, small size and light weight.

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