Vertical Gyroscope

Vertical gyroscopes are very common in modern aircraft. They can accurately measure the attitude angle of the aircraft and output an electrical signal proportional to the attitude angle, which is provided to the computer and finally displayed on the instrument. In order to measure and output the attitude signal of the aircraft, a pitch synchronizer and a tilt synchronizer are mounted on the vertical gyroscope, and the pitch angle and the tilt angle electric signals are respectively output. In order to reduce the longitudinal acceleration error, the vertical gyroscope is equipped with a pitch upright and horizontal correction disconnection gate, which cuts off the pitch correction of the gyroscope when there is longitudinal acceleration; in order to reduce the hover error, the vertical gyroscope is installed with tilt upright and horizontal Correct the disconnection of the switch and cut off the tilt correction of the gyroscope when the tilt is tilted.

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