UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is an unmanned aerial vehicle operated by radio remote control equipment and self-provided program control device.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), or uavs for short, are unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) operated by radio remote control equipment and self-contained programmed controllers. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is actually a general term for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), which can be divided into the following categories from the technical perspective: unmanned helicopter, unmanned fixed wing aircraft, unmanned multi-rotor aircraft, unmanned airship and unmanned umbrella wing aircraft. Compared with the manned aircraft, it has the advantages of small size, low cost, easy to use, low requirements for the combat environment, strong battlefield survivability and so on. Due to the importance of unmanned aircraft to the future air war, the world’s major military countries are stepping up the research and development of unmanned aircraft.

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