Types of gyroscopes

Gyroscopic devices (gyroscope), which are made of gyroscopic mechanical properties, are widely applied in various fields, such as science, technology and military. For example: gyrocompass, directional indicator, shell flip, gyro nutation, earth in the sun (the moon) induced torque to the precession (Sui Cha).

A gyroscope is divided into sensing gyroscopes and indicator gyroscopes. The sensor gyroscope is used as a horizontal, vertical, pitching, heading and angular velocity sensor in an automatic control system for the motion of a flying body. Indicating that gyroscopes are mainly used in flight status as driving and navigating instruments. Now, gyroscopes are divided into piezoelectric gyroscopes, micromachined gyroscopes, fiber optic gyroscopes, and laser gyroscopes, all of which are electronic. They can be made into inertial navigation control systems with accelerometers, magnetoresistive chips and GPS.

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