Two Characteristics Of Piezoelectric Accelerometer And Two Major Disadvantages

As is known in the industry, piezoelectric accelerometers use piezoelectric sheets to directly convert vibration signals into electrical signal outputs. The resonant frequency of ordinary piezoelectric sheets sold on the market is at the high end of the audio segment, which is quite different from the vibration signal frequency. In order to reduce the resonant frequency, a spring ball is used to connect to the piezoelectric substrate. While reducing the overall resonant frequency, the spring also reduces the consumption of vibration energy, prolongs the time of vibration attenuation, and enhances the vibration effect. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of piezoelectric accelerometers?

The two major advantages of piezoelectric accelerometers are:

1. Simple structure and convenient material selection;

2. Easy installation and long service life.

Two major disadvantages of piezoelectric accelerometers:

1. The resonant frequency is high and is susceptible to sound interference;

2. The output impedance is high, the output signal is weak, and the sensor output signal needs to be amplified by the amplifier circuit before being sent to the detection circuit for detection.

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