The Working Principle of Precision Farming

The positioning service of Biedou satellite navigation system can be fully applied to modern precision farming. It has been proved that the application of satellite navigation technology in agriculture production can obviously improve agricultural output, reduce cost and protect the environment. Currently, satellite navigation system can be used for framing planning, field mapping, soil sampling, agricultural machinery guidance, crop field monitoring, yield monitoring system, ect… The application of precision agriculture in our country mainly focuses on the automatic driving system of tractors.

Satellite navigation can provide Beidou agricultural automatic driving system for the user, the BDS/GPS satellite positioning system with high precision installs operating agricultural machinery, through control the steering hydraulic system of agricultural machinery, which control agricultural machinery automatic driving according to the setting route. While ensuring the straight line of agricultural machinery, the deviation between the lines can be controlled at ±2.5 cm , and fully solve the problem of non cultinated land, sowing and heavy leakage, reduce the costs and improve land use efficiency.

Its operating principle is to use a GPS antanna of tractor vehicle navigational device joint, receiving Biedou satellite positioning data and difference RTK data for curate positioning, the positioning data of the settlement sensor the controller, the controller sends out high precision angle information by the angle sensor, while the difference positioning data from the base station sent to the hydraulic system by the signal, so as to change the flow and flow direction of fuel tank, and control the steering of agricultural machinery, and according to the navigation mode set by the user to complete the automatic driving. With the precise positioning data of the Biedou satellite , the error data can be located at centimeter level when the automatic driving status is turned on. Automatic driving can customize the navigation mode according to the actual need of the farmers, and the mode that can be chosen by the user has a straight line AB mode,a curve mode, and it can realize the functions of marking and measuring the land

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