The Working Principle and Application of Current Application

Ring Laser Gyro is a kind of optical gyroscope with no mass.It measures the angular velocity or rotation angle of a sensitive object relative to the inertial space by the effect of the rotation of the two beams with the rotation of the circular laser in the rotation of the inertial space.

Working principle of Ring Laser Gyro are as follows: in closed optical path, it occurs interference by the same light source along the clockwise and counterclockwise from the transmission of two beams of light. Using the detection of phase difference or the change of the interference fringes, it can detect the closed optical path rotating angular velocity.The basic element of Ring Laser Gyroscope is ring laser.

Ring Laser Gyroscope is a combination of light, machine, electricity and calculation.It covers a wide range of areas.Ring Laser Gyro is one of the important indicators to measure the development level of national optical technology. As a navigational instrument, the laser gyro navigation system is the standard equipment for navy surface ships and submarines.In addition, in 2014, military and civilian aircraft in most developed countries also adopted the Ring Laser Gyro inertial navigation system.

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