The use of logging technology development

According to geological and geophysical conditions, reasonably choose comprehensive logging method, can study drilling geological profile, detect useful minerals, calculate reserves required to provide detailed data, such as reservoir of oil and gas saturation and effective thickness, porosity, permeability etc.The research tasks such as drilling condition. In addition, the borehole magnetic measurement and borehole induced polarization, radio wave perspective and gravity in well logging method can also be found near the borehole and the research of blind ore bodies. Logging method in oil, coal, metal and non-metallic mineral, hydrogeology, engineering geology, drilling. It has been widely used. Particularly in the oil and gas, coal and hydrogeological exploration work. It has become one of indispensable exploration method.

According to the traditional point of view and logging technology in oil and gas exploration and development, just do the oil and gas layer reservoir reservoir properties and oil and gas properties (porosity, permeability, oil and gas saturation and oil-water mobility) quantitative or semi-quantitative evaluation. It has far couldn’t keep up with the needs of the rapid development of oil and gas industry.

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