The principle of optical fiber optic gyro north finder

Fiber optic gyroscope north finder is used to quickly determine independent the true north direction. Angular velocity of rotation of the earth is obtained by high precision fiber optic gyro tracking , the earth’s rotation rate signal is decomposed , calculate the angle between main axis of gyro and true north of earth to provide the orientation information for the carrier. The fiber optic gyroscope north finder is a mechanical and electrical product which consists of a fiber optic gyroscope, an accelerometer, a mechanical transposition mechanism and an embedded computer.

The principle of optical fiber optic gyro north finder.JPG

If you want to achieve seek north, the four-position transposition of gyro is required, there is a difference of 90°in every two position, the accuracy of transposition directly affects the accuracy of north finder, so In the design, the stepper motor is used to control the transposition of the stepper motor, and the 128 bit subdivision of the stepper motor is implemented to ensure the accuracy of the transposition. When designing the structure, we must fully examine the waterproof requirements in the technical requirements of the filtration. The product is a fully sealed structure, the connector is waterproof, and the lid and the base are sealed with the rubber ring to achieve the waterproofing requirement. When the structure is designed, the requirements of small volume and light weight are fully examined. When the structure is designed, the symmetrical structure of the rotating body is adopted, which ensures the accuracy of the North deformation after long time.

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