The Operating Principle of UAV Defense System

Anti unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) defense system first detection by radio direction finding subsystem of illegal invasion of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for automatic searching, finding, identifying and direction, at the same time start the photoelectric detection tracking subsystem optical recognition, positioning and locking the target tracking, finally start radio interference subsystem for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control and navigation signal blocking heavy current interference, forced landing unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) or turn back.

Anti unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) defense system use a variety of technical means and way of working 24 hours a day, the implementation of the illegal invasion of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) guide, multidimensional, 24 hours a day, all-weather automatic monitoring and defense, single station protection area of nearly 80 square kilometers (protective radius greater than 5 kilometers, an area without sunscreen), product technical level leading to similar domestic products.

This anti unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) defense system adopts can move type structure design, equipment installation is simple, flexible deployment, quick opening, especially suitable for monitoring in the event of illegal invasion of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) defense.

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