The Key Technology of Anti-drone System

Currently, every country’s anti-drone technology mainly divide into three classes.

1. interference blocking class, mainly through the signal interference, acoustic interference and other technology to         achieve

2. Directly destroy class, mainly including laser weapon, and use drone to counter drone

3. Monitoring control class, mainly through hijack radio control to achieve

The second class is mainly used in the military field , and the following is a discussion of the first class and the third class anti-drone technology, and how to use the information technology to counter consumption class drone.

At present, all civil drones are need to use the radio technology to achieve location, remoter control, picture transmission and other function. And the drones with some specific purpose can use terrain match, picture recognition, and the way of high precision inertial navigation to determine their own location, and independently complete the task, but it has not yet universal in civilian field. Now that the drone must use the radio technology, we can interfere with the radio, so as to make the drone uncontrollable or returnable.

The two parts of the current commercial drone are GPS position and remoter. It it used for the picture and other test purpose, and also have other map and telemeter communication.  radio height and collision avoidance devices are also occasionally used.

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