The Introduction and Application of Inertial Navigation System

 Inertial navigation system (INS) is a kind of autonomous navigation equipment, which can provide information of carrier position, attitude and speed continuously and real-time.It is characterized by being independent of external information, climate conditions and external factors.

Inertial navigation and control system was initially applied by aerospace, ground and maritime military users, and is the core technology product of modern defense system, which is widely used in aircraft, missile, ship, submarine, tank and other defense fields.With the decrease of cost and the increase of demand, inertial navigation technology has been extended to geodesy, resource survey, geophysical survey, ocean exploration, railway, tunnel and other commercial fields, and even widely used in robot, camera and children’s toys.

The purpose and method of using the inertial sensor in differentfields are basically the same, but the side weights for the performance of the device are different.From the perspective of precision, the space and navigation fields have high requirements for precision and long continuous working time.In terms of system life, satellites, space stations and other spacecraft require the highest, because they cannot be replaced or repaired after launch.The guidance weapon has the shortest lifetime of the system, but may have to meet the requirement of a longer combat readiness.It involves military application and other fields, and has higher requirements for reliability.

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