The Four Parts Technology of Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The detection and tracking technology, including ground visual reconnaissance technology, radar detection and tracking technology, aerial warning technology and satellite reconnaissance technology, the use of these technologies on the ground visual reconnaissance equipment, radar, airborne aircraft and satellite make up ground – air Reconnaissance network, the UAV to achieve tracking and early warning, for the follow-up anti-man-machine operations to provide information intelligence support.

The damage technology mainly including anti unmanned aerial vehicle missile technology,laser weapon technology, microwave weapon technology, fighting type unmanned aerial vehicle technology and conventional fire damage technology, the use of these technologies anti unmanned aerial vehicle weapon equipment make up ground-air fire attract network, based on the intelligence information provided reconnaissance intelligence system, take appropriate measures, the use of tactical tactics to destroy the UAV in real time.

The jamming technology mainly including electro-optical countermeasures technology, control information jamming technology and date line jamming technology,the use of these technologies anti unmanned aerial vehicle weapon equipment is effective to jamming UAV, the UAV’s automatic driving,control system, communication system, power system become invalid, so as to reduce or even lose its main combat function.

The camouflage deception technology mainly includes optics, hot red, acoustic and electronic deception technology,In the process of anti-man-machine operations, through the appropriate side of the target camouflage, reduce the other unmanned aerial reconnaissance surveillance efficiency and effectiveness, thereby reducing the combat effectiveness of UAVs.

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