The Disadvantag of INS

1. The inertial instrument is fixed on the carrier, directly bears the vibration and impact of the carrier, and the working environment is bad;

2.Inertial instruments, especially gyroscopes, directly measure the angular motion of the carrier. The angular velocity of the high-performance fighter can reach 400°/s, so the measurement range of the gyro is 0.01-400°/s. If the mechanical strapdown inertial navigation system is used, this requires The gyro has a large torque rate and a high performance rebalance circuit.

3. The gyroscope of the platform system is installed on the platform, which can be tested with any orientation relative to the acceleration of gravity and the acceleration of the earth’s rotation, which is convenient for error calibration. However, the strapping gyro does not have this condition, so the system calibration is difficult. Therefore, the Straight gyro is required to have higher parameter stability.

It is an important key technology for the Strapdown Inertial Navigation System to develop high-precision strap-down gyros and error compensation for strap-down gyro. On this basis, research on high-precision strapdown algorithm becomes another key technology to improve accuracy.

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