The difference between inverter and UPS

Inverter is a current conversion device that converts direct current to alternating current or alternating current to direct current.

UPS Is an uninterrupted power supply device, the principle is the battery + inverter, mains by inverter is converted to direct current, direct current to the battery charging, if mains power, immediately converted to battery through the inverter can be converted into alternating current (ac), available for electrical appliances use directly.

A word “stabilizer” stabilizer is also mentioned here, which can be used to maintain a fixed voltage to the unstable market power, which is good for the normal use of electrical appliances.

UPS Power supply is suitable for the unexpected power outage may cause data loss, such as computer electronics, such appliances generally 1 second stop blackout will start data loss, UPS is not indirect power supply may be used for protection, such as server, mobile unicom signal towers, etc.

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