The Difference Between Inertial Navigation System and GPS Navigation System

From the definition of inertial navigation, what we call inertial navigation is a technique that composes the inertial navigation system by measuring the acceleration of the aircraft and automatically performing integral calculations to obtain the instantaneous velocity and instantaneous position data of the aircraft. They are all installed in the carrier, do not rely on external information when working, and do not radiate energy to the outside world, which is not easily interfered. It is an autonomous navigation system.

Inertial guidance system has the characteristics of small size, low cost, high precision, no dependence on external information, no radiation to the outside, strong anti-interference ability, good concealment, etc. It is likely to become a substitute for GPS technology.

GPS navigation is a system that guides the user to travel according to the position information provided by the GPS and the route planned before navigation. We know that the GPS calculates the position by receiving the signal sent by the satellite, and is blocked when the GPS device such as the mobile phone is blocked. After that, the GPS device cannot be located.

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) devices, including accelerometers and gyroscopes, also known as inertial navigation combinations, the former is the measurement of the acceleration of the object, the latter is also called the angular velocity sensor, which is the measurement of the angular velocity, while using the parameters of these devices, calculate and Navigation seems to be very simple, but because the sampling frequency is generally very high (tens or even hundreds of times in a second), the accumulated error is easy to expand, so long-term navigation is still very difficult, but these are The short-term use of advantages and disadvantages is still feasible. For example, in daily mobile phone navigation, there are often tunnels, elevated roads, jungle roads, high-rise narrow roads, etc. The navigation suddenly stops, until the car drives to the open area, in the navigation. The parking space icon suddenly jumped over and the experience was very bad.

When the position is lost, the navigation software knows the speed, the position of the vehicle, the driving route and other information. At the same time, combined with the acceleration provided by the acceleration sensor, the displacement generated by the acceleration can be calculated according to the second integral method, and then calculated according to the initial speed. The displacement generated by the speed, in turn, derives the latest position of the vehicle, so that navigation can continue without GPS.

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