The Development Tendency of The Anti-drone

The three kinds of anti drone systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and they can be complementary in practical applications.

Anti-drone system of interference blocking adopts the electromagnetic interference method, simple operation, low cost, easy to carry, but the environmental requirement is relatively high, it’s obviously not suitable for the city or residential area. For the existence of explosives and other terrorist activities, the risk factor is relatively high.

Anti-drone systems of directly destroy are mainly adopt the laser defense weapon, clearly focused on the military applications and hopeful become the important role in the future war. The system use the simple and brutal way to destroy the target and suitable for harsh interference environment, the risk index is very low. However the cost of the system is relatively expensive, heavy weapons-type approach is clearly not suitable for civilian use, in addition to due to a direct hit the target will cause permanent damage to it, access to the required information on the probability of data is also greatly reduced.

Anti-drone system of monitoring and control manufacturers mainly are monopoly enterprise in military and radar industry, integrated anti-drone systems developed with electronic detection equipment have significant advantages in the future. Highly mobile and mobile systems with low mobility, low environmental requirements and interception of enemy intelligence undoubtedly have broad potential for development in both military and civilian areas.

With the development and maturity of the electronic technology and anti drone system, the surveillance and control of drones will be as simple as today’s mobile phones and other devices.

Low-altitude And Slow-speed Small Targets Defense System AUAV-Fixed

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