The Composition of Gyroscope

The gyroscope has always been the most convenient and practical reference instrument for the navigation and speed of navigation and navigation. From the point of view of mechanics analysis of gyro approximation of the movement, it can be seen as a rigid body, a universal fulcrum on a rigid body, and the gyro can around the fulcrum of three degree of freedom rotation, so the gyro motion is belong to the rigid body around a fixed point of the rotation motion. More specifically, a flywheel rotor, which revolves around a symmetrical axis, is called a gyroscope. The gyroscope is mounted on the frame device to make the rotation axis of the gyroscope angular rotating degree of freedom. The whole device is called gyroscope, and the basic components of the gyroscope are:

(1)gyro rotor (usually using synchronous motor, hysteresis motor, three-phase AC motor and other dragging methods to make gyro rotor rotate around the self rotating shaft, and see its speed approximately constant).

(2) the inner and outer frames (or the inner and outer rings, which are the structures that make the gyroscope from the rotation axis to obtain the required rotation degree of freedom).

(3) appendix (refers to the torque motor, signal sensor, etc.).

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