The Characteristic of Anti-drone

Unmanned aerial vehicle develops rapidly, and has been widely used in aerial photography, surveying, logistics, express and other fields. This high-tech products bring convenience to people’s life, the aerial photography, real-time image transmission, flew to the air, transportation delivery capability, but also to the security secrecy, good counter-terrorism work has brought new challenges.

Anti UAV is to cut off the communication and navigation between UAV and remote control by jamming the data line and positioning system of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), thus forcing the UAV to automatically land or be forced to drive away, ensuring low air to air safety.The product can be achieved engineering deployment of fixed site, and 24 hours unattended with auto-detection, auto-tracing, and auto-attack together. Equipment of modular management and simple operation, can rapid assembly and deployment according to the actual situation.

The anti UAV defense system is mainly the following 4 categories:

Detection and identification system

Photoelectric tracking system

Interference countermeasures system

Tracing the source system

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