The application of DTG

Dynamically tuned gyroscopes have comprehensive advantages in accuracy, reliability, small size, longevity, and cost. At present, it has been widely used in various inertial systems, such as the high-precision platform used in the Long March series of launch vehicles, as a rocket inertia reference and equipment and components for measuring rocket attitude and motion parameters; as a low-cost, small-scale deflection Strapdown inertial navigation device, used in the Fengyun satellite attitude control low-speed strapdown system and various tactical missiles, guided bombs, unmanned aircraft; as a naval vessel or land vehicle navigation and positioning equipment, applied to ships Gyro compasses and land-use north-seekers; or applied in oilfield development and exploration, used for re-testing of oil wellbore trajectories, drilling orientation, etc.

In the field of drilling, the application of inertial devices is more technically demanding and more adaptable than flying, because of its harsh operating conditions, high ambient temperatures, and the very stringent temperature adaptation and life requirements. The high-precision power-tuned gyroscope designed and developed specifically for logging conditions overcomes the above technical difficulties and its operating temperature can reach 100°C.

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