The Anti-UAV market is pulled up

In the past two years, as the market of consumer UAVs has been getting lower and lower, market sales have been increasing. Although the growth rate of consumer UAVs in 2017 has slowed from last year, the consumer UAV industry remains Menacing, showing a rising trend year by year. However, with the frequent occurrence of unmanned “black fly” and “indiscriminate flying”, which threaten social stability and people’s life safety, in order to solve this problem, governments of various countries have actively introduced a policy of cracking down on “black fly” and stepped up the process of no one Machine supervision, anti-UAV major companies continue to develop new technology and equipment control UAV “black fly.”

Anti-UAV defence system.jpg

As a result, the Anti-UAV defende system market appears as a completely new market. According to the report, in recent years, the anti-UAV market has been developing at a very fast pace. Although the market size is less than that of the PC or mobile phone which has been developing for a long time, the total market Every year, there is a growing trend. The anti-UAV market is currently sparsely populated and the competition is small. However, the potential for market development in the future is enormous.

Our company focuses on the security issues brought by UAV “Black Fly” and focuses on researching and developing anti-UAV related equipment, including four types of equipment: vehicle-mounted, fixed and hand-held, and portable devices, which provide escort for social security development.

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