The advantage of laser Gyro-1

Compare with other kinds of gyro, laser gyro has the following outstanding features:

1. The accuracy range is wide, and gyro can meet the needs in different application field

2. The measurement range is wide, dynamical performance is well

3. The linearity and stability of scale factor is well, and the dynamical environment error is  small. Laser gyro can adopt to application requirement of high temperature and harsh environment.

4. Strong ability to resist vibration, shock and temperature change. The RLG adopts integrated structure and no moving parts, so it can withstand high acceleration and strong vibration impact, and is able to withstand high and low temperature environment. Specially designed GG1308 gyros can even withstand more than 1 x 104g impact.

5. High angle resolution. The RLG can distinguish the precise angle variation of the angle second or even sub second magnitude. It can achieve high accuracy and high resolution dynamic measurement on angle measurement.

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