The 2 Methods of Field Working Methods with Drilling Log

There are two main types of field work with drilling logging:

Record the way

When drilling and tripping, logging while drilling instrument will only need to collect information to save to instrument storage, real-time transmission, not until instrument data download interface on the turntable and about a meter and a half, with data download to the surface of the computer, at the same time for internal display, processing, in general, about 30 minutes after organizing and deal with the data presented, at the same time also can be printed into the form of chart.

Information transfer

While drilling tool when drilling will measure the information transmitted to the drive, the drive of drive pulse after using the information in a certain way after coding in transmission to the surface of the stand pipe pressure sensor;After the ground information experience decoding and processing, the system is transformed to form a software interface that can be printed or displayed in Numbers and graphics.

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