Testing Method of FOG

Fiber optic gyroscope is a kind of angular rate sensor, which is widely used in the field of inertial navigation. It is the main sensor used to determine the motion posture of moving objects, and the turntable is an important device for measuring it. The working environment of the fiber optic gyroscope is very harsh and harsh. In order to simulate the working environment of the gyroscope, every gyroscope must be tested under the harsh test environment. The experimental platform is often installed as a whole to experiment with the high and low temperature box and the turntable. In this way, the testing equipment of the whole testing system should be used together. The turntable is mainly used as the reference of the angle rate of the fiber optic gyroscope. If the turntable control platform provided by the turntable manufacturer is directly used, each state is manually locked and the acquisition system is opened to collect the fiber optic gyro output. The test efficiency is extremely low, which affects the progress of the test work of the fiber optic gyro. In addition, the test system should have sufficient flexibility in the selection of test methods because of the different requirements for the position or rate of the turntable and the test time when testing the fiber optic gyroscope. According to the requirements of the fiber optic gyroscope tester, we develop an intelligent test system running on the test computer, which can be programmed by the tester to set the test process, automatically complete the position or speed lock and collect the output data of the fiber optic gyroscope. This greatly improves the test efficiency and turntable utilization. Moreover, the data real-time analysis function can be added to the test system, and the general performance of the gyroscope can be instantly understood.

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