Satellite Simulator

he satellite simulator is capable of simulating the performance of the on-board measurement and control subsystem and simulating the satellite flight attitude, the orbital dynamics process, and the equipment for the satellite full-frame telemetry information flow change process of each measurement and control arc. The satellite simulator consists of two parts: an analog transponder and an attitude orbit simulator.

The analog transponder includes a receiver (carrier tuning), a transmitter (carrier modulation), a squelch control circuit, a ranging and forwarding, a telemetry terminal (including telemetry parameter simulation), a remote control terminal, and the like. The attitude orbit simulator is composed of an emulation computer and an input/output interface circuit, which can simulate the attitude and orbital motion of the satellite under the control of the attitude control system. The emulator and the analog transponder are in video interface. The emulator receives the instruction code of the demodulation output of the remote control terminal, simulates the working state of the attitude control system, the satellite attitude and other engineering parameters, and then sends the telemetry terminal in the form of PCM coding, performs subcarrier video modulation, and is modulated and amplified by the transmitter carrier. , transmitted to the ground by the transmission channel and antenna.

The satellite signal simulator is powerful and widely used. It can generate high dynamic navigation signals and verify the capture and tracking performance of the receiver. It can also generate specific navigation signals to verify the feasibility of the test plan. It can also be used as a comparison standard to test The dynamic measurement accuracy of the navigation receiver, etc.

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