Satellite Signal Simulator

It can simulate a variety of satellite navigation signals,or transmit simulator receive s satellite signals, which is amplified and transmitted to the base band processing, the base band processing can deprive the noise of satellite signal and get the pure satellite navigation signal. It’s provided the system engineering satellite navigation simulation test platform for the user, and can achieve the positioning, speed  measurement accuracy and dynamic performance evaluation of various satellite signal navigation receiver, the anti-interference antenna and ordinary receiver are tested in the laboratory, darkroom,high and low temperature test box.

Satellite Signal Simulator

Product features:

Support the full system and full frequency point signal simulate;

Support Beidou system new system signal;

Support position simulate, Pseudo-range difference and carrier difference;

Support the signal simulation of dual-antenna direction finding application scenarios;

Supports real-time number simulate mode, and playback mode;

Supports user path editing or external track injection;

Support antenna pattern editing, support multipath effect simulation.

Application field:

Teaching demonstration of satellite navigation subject;

Satellite navigation laboratory signal source;

Research and development and test of satellite navigation receiver;

Satellite navigation algorithm and signal system research.

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