Satellite Navigation Antenna and Its Application Field

GPS is the terminal for positioning or navigation by receiving satellite signals,while receive signals must use antenna. GPS satellite signals are divided into L1 and L2, the frequencies are  1575.42MHZ and 1228MHZ, of which L1 is used for open civil signal, and the signal is circularly polarized. The signal intensity is about -166DBM, which is relatively weak signal. Those characteristics determine the need to prepare the special antenna for the reception of GPS signals.

Satellite Navigation Antenna

Satellite navigation antenna mainly application field as following:

1.Land and farmland management

The real-timing precision positioning of Beidou antenna also will be applied to land and farmland arrangement and  management. The Beidou terminal is installed in the agricultural machinery such as tractors and reapers. Which can        realize the precise farming of farmland with the positioning accuracy of 0.1m. so saving a lot effort and time.

2.School security

Through the use of global satellite navigation system built security monitoring network, can protect primary and          secondary school students. Once the students wear a badge which add Beidou antenna, at any time to know where he      was,and this information can be sent to parents. Don’t worry where’s the baby?


Beidou antenna can play a key role in the civil aviation route management and navigation,aircraft landing and so on. It       has more uses in land transportation, such as intelligent traffic, rode congestion control, vehicle monitoring and so on.In   the high-speed rail can also use the Beidou antenna system for road construction, settlement monitoring of the roadbed,   the operation,management and operation safety monitoring.

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