Satellite Navigation Antenna

The ER-102 is a four-system full- frequency external measurement antenna covering BDS, GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO, which can meet the requirement of measuring equipment of high accuracy and multi-system compatibility. The antenna phase center of this satellite navigation  antenna id stable and high positioning accuracy.

Technical feature:

1. The antenna part adopts the multi-feed point design scheme to achieve the overlap between   phase center and    geometer center, and the influence of antenna on the measurement error is  minimized.

2. The antenna unit has high gain, the wave beam of directional diagram is widely, which can ensure the reception effect of  low-elevation signal, and it can still be received normally in the case of more serious occlusion.

3. With anti multipath choke plate, it can effectively reduce the influence of multipath on measurement accuracy.

4. Waterproof, UV protection cover for the antenna can be long-term work in the field to provide protection.

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