Profile of the Typical Gyroscope Find North System

1. Gyro compass

Gyro compass, which is a navigation instrument that automatically searches and tracks local geographic meridian. It is based on gyro sensors indicate true north of the equipment, does not rely on any external conditions at work, also do not need other course instrument calibration, autonomy is the biggest characteristic of gyro compass, and become the main equipment of marine navigation, it not only provide accurate and reliable for ship navigation course basis, but also can give a cannon on the ship, fish, sonar, radar, missile and autopilot devices provide azimuth benchmark.

2. Gyro theodolite

The gyro theodolite is the gyroscope theodolite and combined together to directional together, is a kind of can accurate determination of the ground anywhere except Antarctica, the arctic is the direction of the meridian instrument. Gyro theodolite main working principle is based on the gyro itself on axial and precession, use of earth rotation angular velocity gyro sensitive, as well as in the pendulum gyro torque under the action of heavy use of gyroscopic precession features to look for the north.

3. Strap-type gyro north finder

Core part of the gyro north finder found for two accelerometer and a gyroscope (commonly used dynamically tuned gyroscope), the gyro output signal by calculating data collector collected into computer, calculated the required three attitude angle, namely: pitching angle, roll Angle and heading angle.

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