Pressure Sensor

Damage of high temperature melt pressure sensor is usually due to its installation position is not appropriate, if the force sensor is installed in the holes or irregular shape of the hole is too small, it is possible to have an impact on the vibration of the sensor membrane and damage, select the appropriate tool processing and mounting holes, to control the size of the mounting holes, in addition, the installation of the appropriate torque is beneficial to form a good seal, but if the installation torque job easy to cause high temperature melt pressure sensor of slippage, to prevent this phenomenon occurs, usually in the sensor installation before daub overhand compounds on the threaded portion.

(1) verify the frequency response value of the pressure sensor under ordinary atmospheric pressure and standard temperature by appropriate instruments.

(2) verify the correctness of the pressure sensor coding and the corresponding frequency response signal.

To determine the specific location of installation

In order to determine the pressure sensor number and specific installation location, it is necessary to consider each inflatable section of the pneumatic network.

(1) the pressure sensor must be installed along the cable, preferably at the cable joint.

(2) each cable shall be equipped with at least 4 pressure sensors. The distance between the two pressure sensors near the telephone office shall not be more than 200m.

(3) one cable shall be installed at the beginning and end of each cable.

(4) one branch point of each cable should be installed. If the two branch points are close to each other (less than 100 m), only one branch point can be installed.

(5) one cable should be installed at the change of cable laying mode (overhead and underground)

(6) for cables without branches, the total number of pressure sensors should be no less than 4 because the cable program of the base line is consistent and the mounting distance of the pressure sensor is not large and 500m.

(7) in order to facilitate the determination of the fault point of the pressure sensor, in addition to the installation of the pressure sensor at the starting point, 150~200m away from the starting point, but also the installation of an additional of course in the design, must consider the economic and technical factors, in the place where there is no need to install the pressure sensor, it should not be installed.

Check the size of mounting hole

If the size of the mounting hole is not suitable, the threaded part of the high temperature melt pressure sensor will be easily worn during the installation process, which will not only affect the sealing performance of the equipment, but also make the sensor cannot fully play its role, and even may cause safety hazards.Only proper mounting hole can avoid thread abrasion (thread industry standard 1/2-20unf2b), and usually the mounting hole can be tested with the setting hole measuring instrument to make appropriate adjustment.

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